17 April 2018

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Fresh new look for our Dinky Ducks Day Care Setting

Fresh new look for our Dinky Ducks Day Care Setting

Its been a busy few weeks here at the centre, we have taken advantage of the Easter break and many of the children being off, moved our little ducks into one of our other rooms and got the decorators in to help us create a fresh new environment for the children to return to after the break.

The decorators arrived and started prepping and painting

The lower walls had a covering of colourful perspex to save marks from mucky little hands …

And that jigsaw of boxes were finally put together by our staff to make some fab teeny tiny furniture ….

After a busy weekend of staff volunteering to come in and help, the rooms have taken shape, we have created a variety of themed play area’s – a home corner, craft and creative area, construction area, reading area’s and plenty of other activities to keep little hands and minds busy.

The children arrived back on the Monday morning, excited and delighted at their new environment.  Walking through during the morning it was heart-warming to witness groups of happy children with their key-workers engrossed in a variety of activities.