About us

About Oaktree Family Group

About Oaktree Family Group

Our first day care setting opened in 2004, we now have a number of child care facilities including family groups that run from our centre and outlying locations.

We have a variety of day care setting to offer, with the Oaktree Family Group catering for children in an all year round nursery, all year round pre-school,  term-time pre-school and before and after school childcare. We also offer a number of other child focused options, including sensory play sessions for families, carer and child.

We have a popular sensory room for hire and other visiting groups offering activities for younger children, which can be used for meetings, contact visits and facilitating groups for children, families and adults. We have short and long term rentals available. For more information email us  reception@oaktreefamilygroup.org

Room for Hire

We also have room hire options available within our family centre, please contact us for more information on room hire.

Serving the local and wider community









01. Experience

Our managers, team leaders, practitioners, playworkers and administration staff bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, giving you peace of mind that your child has the best possible experience in our care.

02. Professional

We pride ourselves on our ongoing staff training and professional development to ensure that not just our practitioners are enabled to reach their full potential, but that all our staff are.

03. Guarantee

Our guarantee to our parents, carers and children is to ensure that we do everything we can to enable your child to grow in a caring and nurturing environment and to keep parents updated on their childs progress.

04. Quality

We endeavour to bring first class support and service to our children, parents and staff, through open communications, information sharing and ongoing training.