Donna Charrington

Early Years Manager of Magpies Pre-School

Donna has been at Magpies Pre-School since September 2007, studying for N.V.Q. level 3 while working as a practitioner within the setting.

While working as a practitioner Donna found that she had a passion for SEND, and very quickly took on the role as SENCO Donna felt this could be as a result of my own personal experience with her own children, four children aged between 15-20 years, with a range of abilities and some complex needs, also one grandchild.   Donna took her foundation degree in 2010 to improve her personal development and graduated in 2013.

In February 2015 she took on the position of temporary Manager in Magpies due to Julie's ill health.  Julie returned in November 2016 on a part time basis.  Julie and Donna now job share which has worked out really well both professionally and personally for them both enabling Donna to have the time to continue as SENCO a job she enjoys very much.

Future aspirations are to continue managing Magpies along with Julie and to develop skills facilitating courses supporting parents.

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