Lauren Kingswell

Lauren Kingswell is one of the Early Years Managers at Dinky Ducks Day Care and has been with the company since 2010. Lauren started working at Dinky Ducks Day Care in the Ducklings room as an unqualified practitioner and went on to complete her Level 3 qualification in 2012. This qualification and experience in the Ducklings room enabled Lauren the confidence to become a senior practitioner, supporting the Team Leader.

Lauren started her Foundation Degree in 2015 and during this time embarked on a new adventure with the company when Oaktree Family Group were successful with the tender to open Little Barn Owls Pre-School in 2017. Lauren became the Team Leader and was part of the team who established and set up Little Barn Owls, this was an exciting time in her career progression. It was during this time when Lauren found a passion for supporting children with SEND and being actively involved in the transition to school process.

After completing her Foundation Degree in 2018, an opportunity for a shared management role presented itself at Dinky Ducks Day Care where Lauren was successful and moved back in December 2019. Lauren has recently completed her BA-Honours Degree in Early Childhood and is passionate about developing her own knowledge to best support all children and their families. In addition, Lauren is passionate about working in partnership with parents and families to ensure the best outcomes for all children. 

In her spare time, Lauren enjoys spending time watching football with her grandad, going to shows and music concerts and spending time with family.  

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